Dick Smith Online – Sucks

There’s nothing more frustrating that getting online, trying to buy something that should take 2 seconds (or 2 minutes realistically) and then having it take over half an hour.

I constantly had problems with adding items to cart, and then it would refresh with multiple quantity of the product. It was just damn frustrating. You would think they would iron out these sort of problems in a testing environment or during off-peak hours. Not during the middle of the day.

First world problem, I know. Can you tell it’s past lunch time and I’m getting really HANGRY

And so onto Facebook goes my frustration with Dick Smith. LOL


Anyway, time to get lunch and pick up my Modem in store. Thanks Box Hill for the excellent customer service.

F U Glen Waverley for not picking up the phone, TWICE! WTFH! Lazy mofo.

Unnecessary stress. LOL.
I need Food.

Have a great day! Lil x


Thankful for the Time I was Depressed

It’s Monday morning, that’s depressing enough already. But this, really is a serious #firstworldproblem.

I was intending to just post this picture I found online up on my Instagram. However the size of the photo was not square enough, so then this prompted me to either choose a quick post on Facebook, or actually blog a bit of a story behind what this picture meant to me.


I have blogged about the tough time I went through with a relationship break-up. After going through at least 1 year of hurting myself emotionally, I finally had enough of the lies I was telling myself and decided to make a change so I could help myself.

I knew I needed to do this for myself.
I needed to do to this for my family.
I needed to do this for my friends.
Because somewhere deep down, I still cared.

I had to deal with a huge amount of guilt and negative feelings.I surrounded myself with positive people and positive environments. I knew that it wouldn’t be smooth sailing, but from every bad experience I would at least learn something.


So I slowly started to reconnect with my friends. I made a turn around and started opening up my heart and my mind.

So I have been thinking about how grateful I am for the depression I went through, because it taught me to be stronger and it taught me what I didn’t want in my life. I recognize it’s ugly face and I still struggle sometimes to try avoid her. I am learning how to deal and live with her if she ever comes to visit.

I think, you wouldn’t understand unless you have met depression in the face and lived with him/her.

Everyone deals with depression differently and none of us are immune. We can seek professional help. We can seek support from trusted friends, or family. We can read about it and fill ourselves with knowledge.

There are many ways to help heal and recover from depression. It’s just a matter of what works best for you – and YOU need to make the commitment to yourself. You only owe yourself one thing and that is to take care of yourself. The rest of it will follow naturally once you are OK again.

You can do it, even if you need help. Taking the first step towards change is all you need to do.

Beyond Blue has a gold mine of information. If you are feeling lost, lonely and you don’t know what to do – please talk to someone. Even your local GP can be a really good start.

Someone will understand you.

Just pick up the phone and call 1300 22 4634
available 4pm-10pm

Thinking of everyone out there. Take care.

Lil x