Look Up

Is technology making us lonelier than we ever have been before?

This is a video written and narrated by Gary Turk that has quickly reached 20 million views You Tube within 1 week of posting.

Without the help of social media Gary’s message would not be heard by many of us. A message that makes us realise there could be opportunities missed by relying on technology too much.

Technology and social media is part of our everyday lives. Communication is so much easier when we are connected online. We use it to keep in touch with loved ones inter-state or overseas. Smart phone apps allows us to socialise easier when it comes to organising catch-up with friends, decide on a meeting spot or the next restaurant to eat at.

We have access to information at our fingertips and we can search things up without having to ask anybody for the answers. Perhaps lost without access to data and Google maps to tell us where to go.

However, it’s true, as we silently stare into a screen, poke and swipe at it – we are spending the time alone and doing it in isolation. Technology does play a big part in our everyday lives, but don’t be deluded that you are ‘connecting’ with people this way.

Maybe it is time to ‘Look Up’ and see what’s around you.


Manic Monday

I woke up earlier than usual today at about 5am in the morning. Just like every other morning, I reach over to try and find my phone on top of a stack of books piled up next to me. However this time it wasn’t where I thought I had left it last.

I had a pretty restless night, which means I might have picked up my phone throughout the night and fallen back asleep without realising it. So then I proceed to pat down my bed and in between the blankets to try find it. Still no luck.

I’m starting to get a bit of phone separation anxiety now. So instead of forgetting about it, I roll out of bed, turn on the light and find my phone lying under my study desk opposite my bed. Oops, good thing it’s a pretty tough phone and my floor is carpeted.

Since I last blogged about my phone addiction which was about a year ago, the list of social media tools has been growing. I have since adopted Instagram. (Slow adopter I know, but now I’m totally addicted.) I have also started using Google plus, Viber and Wechat. However nothing really beats Whatsapp or Facebook yet.

This pretty much sums it up for you. I has no life. 😛


Today I set up a new Facebook page just for this blog. I’m also a fan of Urbanspoon, so I also registered my blog on Urbanspoon for those moments when I feel there’s a restaurant worthy of my review. LOL

I’ve also been meaning to redirect my domain to this wordpress blog properly for sometime now. So finally I got that all organised!

So now I won’t be sabotaging my personal Facebook page with blog updates and hopefully won’t annoy my facebook friends so much.


Plus it means everyone can like my Facebook Page now!


TIA for following! Lil x

Instagramin’ Life

After much frustration with my old HTC Desire and friends yelling at me to change my phone, I finally made the switch to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and OMG – it is so awesome.

So now that I have a phone that works, one of the things I have started to get addicted to is Instagram. I’m still not great with the hash tags. Mostly because I kinda can’t be bothered with making them up. But it really is fun to play with the filters and take short clip videos.

Now I’m one of dem bitches…


#instagood #igersmelb #funtimes @lelianlove 😉