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Look Up

Is technology making us lonelier than we ever have been before?

This is a video written and narrated by Gary Turk that has quickly reached 20 million views You Tube within 1 week of posting.

Without the help of social media Gary’s message would not be heard by many of us. A message that makes us realise there could be opportunities missed by relying on technology too much.

Technology and social media is part of our everyday lives. Communication is so much easier when we are connected online. We use it to keep in touch with loved ones inter-state or overseas. Smart phone apps allows us to socialise easier when it comes to organising catch-up with friends, decide on a meeting spot or the next restaurant to eat at.

We have access to information at our fingertips and we can search things up without having to ask anybody for the answers. Perhaps lost without access to data and Google maps to tell us where to go.

However, it’s true, as we silently stare into a screen, poke and swipe at it – we are spending the time alone and doing it in isolation. Technology does play a big part in our everyday lives, but don’t be deluded that you are ‘connecting’ with people this way.

Maybe it is time to ‘Look Up’ and see what’s around you.


#hashtag – Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake

I am totally guilty of doing this – using TOO MANY #hashtags for likes. I also occasionally spell it wrong so it ends up looking like this #hastag

#Anyway, here’s a great #sketch of #JimmyFallon and #JustinTimberlake on the #latenightjimmyfellon #show #enjoy #hilars that’s #shortfor #hilarious in case you were #wondering.

And of course the funny #hashtag memes floating around the internet. I think for once…all these are safe for work 😉 #haveagreatday

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Hashtag Fabulous Disney beauty and the beast

Rad eBay Feedback

I’ve been an eBayer for a very long time now. Starting my account in 2004, it’s almost been 10 years on eBay.

In the early days, eBay use to send out certificates and little gifts to thank you for achieving excellent feedback on your eBay account. One of the gifts I received was this eBay branded picnic set. I just happen to find it still lying in my closet, unused and very dusty!

20130911_075631 20130911_075747

My current eBay store Snow Snow Crazy sells overstocked snow gear from the USA. They are all branded items like Burton, Dakine, K2, Roxy, Special Blend etc…

As it is coming towards the end of season now, I’ve just put a 10% discount on all stock. Of course for mates rates, come directly to me. 😉 I’m always happy to help out and give advice where I can about products.

Now, because I’m always online shopping around and on eBay, I also tend to purchase my gear from other sellers. You just can’t go past some of the deals that are on offer.

For example, I recently purchased this brand new Westbeach snow jacket for $100 delivered. It was a really awesome deal and one of the best jackets I’ve owned!


What made it even cooler was the feedback left post purchase from the eBay seller.


Better than Pizza after a night on the beers

It got me thinking, what a clever way to get attract attention to your store. Most people on eBay will look at feedback to check out how credible a seller is. It’s so much better than the generic response “Great eBayer A+++”.

eBay has changed a lot over the years and has done well to remain the top online marketplace here in Australia. Of course I grumble about the fee increases and and the cut they take from sales, but in return they do drive in the traffic and there’s very little I need to worry about apart from making sure I have the correct items in stock!

If there’s any other eBay enthusiasts out there I’m always keen to meet new people 🙂
A great way to meet fellow eBay people is at the Professional eBay & eCommerce sellers internet conference aka PESA. I attended this in 2012 and found it worth every dollar spent.

The speakers were engaging and informative. There was just a wealth of information and food for thought at this conference, so I was really impressed.

A couple of key speakers that really stood out to me was John Lawson, CEO of ColderICE from Atlanta, Georgia in the US. His delivery about the importance of social media and making it relevant to your business was extremely funny and witty.

Sarah Timmerman, owner of online fashion store Beginning Boutique. A young female entrepreneur with a passion for fashion. I’ve bought a number of little dresses from their website since! I was very impressed with what she has done with her own little clothing boutique.

And finally Wai Hong Fong. Another young entrepreneur who started out his business on eBay and grew it into a multi-million dollar business called Oz Hut. I buy my bubble wrap from them to wrap up my snowboards in. Can’t go past the best price and for quantity online.

Oh one more mention I have to just add in quickly is Kogan. We all know Ruslan Kogan and his story. I don’t really need to say too much – as he and his team takes care of all the PR activities pretty well on their own. However his back-story also was a very entertaining and interesting one heard at the PESA conference.

If you’re into online business or eBay definitely consider checking the PESA conference out next year in 2014. The trip will be tax deductible 😉

Manic Monday

I woke up earlier than usual today at about 5am in the morning. Just like every other morning, I reach over to try and find my phone on top of a stack of books piled up next to me. However this time it wasn’t where I thought I had left it last.

I had a pretty restless night, which means I might have picked up my phone throughout the night and fallen back asleep without realising it. So then I proceed to pat down my bed and in between the blankets to try find it. Still no luck.

I’m starting to get a bit of phone separation anxiety now. So instead of forgetting about it, I roll out of bed, turn on the light and find my phone lying under my study desk opposite my bed. Oops, good thing it’s a pretty tough phone and my floor is carpeted.

Since I last blogged about my phone addiction which was about a year ago, the list of social media tools has been growing. I have since adopted Instagram. (Slow adopter I know, but now I’m totally addicted.) I have also started using Google plus, Viber and Wechat. However nothing really beats Whatsapp or Facebook yet.

This pretty much sums it up for you. I has no life. 😛


Today I set up a new Facebook page just for this blog. I’m also a fan of Urbanspoon, so I also registered my blog on Urbanspoon for those moments when I feel there’s a restaurant worthy of my review. LOL

I’ve also been meaning to redirect my domain to this wordpress blog properly for sometime now. So finally I got that all organised!

So now I won’t be sabotaging my personal Facebook page with blog updates and hopefully won’t annoy my facebook friends so much.


Plus it means everyone can like my Facebook Page now!


TIA for following! Lil x

FREE Big Mac

I’m not a huge advocate of junk food. However I believe in everything in moderation with regular exercise will be fine, so the occasional Maccas snack or meal isn’t really that bad for you.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve blogged about McDonald’s. So clearly their advertising efforts continue to impress me. Plus throw anything FREE at me and I’m likely to pay some attention, especially if it is food.

The latest McDonald’s campaign is the “Big Mac Chant“. It is a very clever, well thought out social media campaign with a high level of community engagement.

For those who are not familiar with this campaign, basically the challenge is to upload a short, creative video clip that delivers the ‘Big Mac Chant’ – which is a small song that describes the ingredients of a McDonald’s Big Mac.

This campaign has been heavily advertised across T.V, Outdoor, Print, and all Social Media channels. With some of the most creative videos getting aired on T.V

Here is the Youtube clip of some of the most creative clips.

The ‘call to action’ to get online and vote for your favourite clip. In return you will receive a FREE Big Mac reward. I happened to click on a Facebook Advertisement that lead me to complete this for my Free Big Mac.

There are a lot of videos already uploaded onto the wesbite, so it’s a bit overwhelming. After a few clicks, I ended up choosing any random video. I then was invited to sign up using my Facebook account, or create a profile using my email address in order to receive my free voucher.

I use to be opposed to logging into things using my Facebook account. Simply because I was never really comfortable with sharing my personal details that I have on Facebook. But now, because of the ease of connectivity, I happily sign in with Facebook for most things.

So ok, the appeal of a FREE Big Mac really kept me going here. Because what I had to do now was login to my account using my browser on my Smart Phone. Once I logged in, I could see my voucher on my phone. I had 3 days to claim it. It was quite a clever little voucher that you had to present to the cashier and swipe your screen to redeem it.

This was a very practical and completely paperless transaction, which gives this campaign extra points. Plus, this campaign targets the under 40 year old age group extremely well.

So here’s a photo of my FREE Big Mac.

Free Big Mac

It was pretty tasty. mmm noms. #bigmac

Say something nice

Back in June while I was participating in the St Kilda Romp, my friends and I got caught up in the filming of an Allen’s Lollies marketing campaign making people smile.

This activity involved saying something nice through a megaphone out into the public. It’s not difficult to say something nice, but like most people I shied away from the request of yelling something through a megaphone.

However a gutsy friend decided to do it and our smiles ended up on the Allen’s Lollies You Tube channel. Around 43 seconds in.

The Allen’s Lollies campaign is about making 1 million people smile this year. There are a few other ‘smile experiments’ they have done on their You Tube Channel.

This social media campaign definitely takes people out of their comfort zone. Hopefully the campaign goes well and Allen’s are successful in sharing the love through their Facebook and You Tube likes.

It is nice to be reminded that life isn’t so serious and think about what makes you and other people smile.

Hopefully someone else’s smile will make you smile too. (: