Waiting All Night – Rudimental

Waiting All Night? I hope not, but maybe something special might happen on Valentine’s Day. Hrmm

Well anything can happen any day! ANYWAY – in the mean time, while we are waiting for that to happen, stay single and fabulous.

I love this track from Rudimental’s Album HOME, which is taking me into the weekend. The official video clip was a bit hard to watch at first, but I like it. Mates are everything.


I Love Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day because makes people say and do funny things. There are the lovers, the haters and the ones who just simply don’t care about Valentine’s Day.


I fit into the ‘I don’t care’ category…It’s just another day of the year.
Besides – It’s not easy being a single female in Australia when we are currently experiencing a MAN DROUGHT!!!


If I took that article seriously, looks like I need to update my settings to younger men on my Tinder account, move to Perth or pack my bags and head to the Maldives.


I’ll confess that I actually use to buy Valentines day cards, however they always ended up in tears when the card was torn up in front of my face.

I must not have understood the concept of Valentine’s day and now I’ve just given up. *SIGH* LOL

Oh Ralph! I love that classic Simpsons episode.
And…to say that I love anybody more than my smart phone…well LOVE is a strong word! 😛

So…this is what I do now when I walk through the ‘Valentines Day’ section at the shops.vday17

Here’s some of my favorite dysfunctional and hilarious views on Valentine’s Day from a single persons point of view


And for those who are so in LOVE and insist on splashing out on Valentine’s Day, please have some self control! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! xoxo

In the Jungle

Down the rabbit hole. Welcome to the world of singledom.

I’ve been single for a little while now and it’s definitely been an interesting experience. I suppose for quite some time now that I’ve been working on just being happy with who I am and let everything else around me…just happen.


Single life is definitely fun, but it does get exhausting as well. My friend who has been single for a little long than me has told me two things about single life.

1. It’s a Jungle out there.
There are so many different types of people to meet. I love meeting people and I’d like to think I have a pretty good judgement of character. So you start to learn how to weed out the potentials and non-potentials. There are an occasional few that slip past the crazy filter.

2. It’s a numbers game
You just got to keep trying. There are may fails. In fact for me personally, I don’t think any guy has lasted more than 1 or 2 weeks max. It’s a bit sad, but it’s the reality of dating and being single. You’re not going to get a long with everyone and I feel like I also don’t want to keep wasting my time (or their time) on something that doesn’t really have future potential.

Personally I don’t think there’s any hard and fast rules to dating. Everyone is at different stages in their life and only ready to be able to commit so much to a ‘relationship’.


My advice as always is to play safe, especially if you’re all over Tinder 😉
Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work out for you. Plenty of fish in the sea (as cliche as that sounds)

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Also be realistic, it’s not always going to be smooth sailing or easy. Rejection is a sucky thing, but it’s all about how you deal with it that says a lot about yourself and your character. Try to stay positive ^_^ !! Making sure you have the right support from good friends you can trust I think is also really important.

IMG_20131121_113833 IMG_20131120_200945

Plus – Stay Classy. AND HAVE FUN!!! xoxo



Hello! It has been one whole month since I last updated this blog. I made my way to Singapore, across China and have now returned home to Melbourne, Australia via Singapore. My bank account is now a lot poorer, but have come back richer in experiences. (This is really the least of my problems!)


It has been one epic journey with so many stories to tell. I contemplated beginning my story at the end, just because all my memories are so much fresher towards the end of the journey. I didn’t get much of a chance to journal or keep notes on my tablet, just because I spent most of my energy concentrating on getting from point A to point B and resting as much as I could in between.

It was definitely a good break from social media. However to be completely honest, it wasn’t a clean break. I purchased a prepaid sim card with data at the start of the trip, so I could still Instagram 😀 The main reason for this was that my family wanted to keep in touch with me throughout the journey, as I was traveling solo and did not have any friends with me on this trip. It was great making new friends!

Facebook and Twitter were the two social media platforms that were completely blocked. However if you had a VPN (virtual private network) you could get around “China Big Brother” and get some juicy updates on what exactly has been going on in the outside world.

So I’ve decided that I should start the journey from the start. Here’s a quick run down of my travel, arriving in Singapore for my Cousin’s Wedding, which was such a beautiful occasion and memorable experience.

My ‘solo’ tour travel tour with Gadventures then started soon after in Beijing, where we visited The Great Wall of China followed by free time for a couple of days, which I spent with my Cousin and the Art District 798 because I loved it so much. I also had my wallet stolen on Day 3, which was a great inconvenience. However I wasn’t too worried as I discovered my wallet was missing soon after it happened and was able to cancel my credit card right away.

It was then some epic 16 hour train ride to Shanghai. Riding on the slow sleeper trains for the first time was such a crazy experience. However we were really over sleeper trains by the end of the trip. Shanghai at least had a decent hotel and we didn’t have that much time to spend here. We just admired the unique city skyline, which includes the famous Bund Tower and went out for a night clubbing.

Next Stop – Xi’An. One of the most beautiful cities I have been to in China. Here I visited the Terracotta Warriors, the famous Bell and Drum towers and the Great Goose Pagoda. I also managed to make friends with some locals who took me out for a night at one of the popular clubs in Xi’an called Muse. Epic time. I loved Xi’An.

Xi’an also has a well established Muslim community. We happened to be in town for the Muslim festival called Eid Al-Fitr. I visited Muslim quarter on the day of Eid Al-Fitr and was confronted by the slaughtering of Cows and Goats Halal style to celebrate the end of Ramadan. This was one eye opening experience!

After Xi’an came the Three Gorges River Cruise. We had a terrible journey getting to the boat, which included a coach ride with another Chinese tour group. The good thing was we got to stop in Chong Qing – Hotpot capital, which was great for food experiences.

Onto Yang Shuo, which is a town near by to Guilin. By this point, I was coming down with a case of viral gastro. I was also really poor and out of funds. I made an emergency withdrawal of 1000 yuan, which was just enough to see me through to the end of Mainland China. If there’s anywhere you want to be sick, it would be in Yang Shuo. It’s a beautiful city in China.

After Yang Shuo, we spent 18 hours on the train to get ourselves into Hong Kong. The feeling of civilized people was most welcomed. People don’t push you, they line up, the city is clean and kids don’t shit in the street, people don’t spit everywhere. FREEDOM.

Hong Kong was full of adventure, including getting kicked out of a Pub Crawl, meeting awesome people at the Yes Inn Causeway Bay, partying down in Central and Wan Chai and a beautiful day trip to Lamma Island for some beach action.

From Hong Kong, I traveled to Singapore and ended up spending one extra night there due to mechanical problems with the aircraft. This was one of the best things that could have happened, as I was already running late for my flight (or so I thought because I never received the updates about the cancellation)

In the end I was put up for the night in the Riverview Hotel with buffet Dinner, Breakfast and Lunch included. It was so good to relax because by this time I had come down with a very bad Flu. I also went shopping crazy and was seriously overweight. However Jetstar was able to check in excess luggage and provide meals and entertainment for my flight home for no extra costs. Jetstar, you rock!

So, that’s the summary. More updates to come! Stay tuned. Have a great weekend everyone! 4am – I’m ready for bed!!!
Lil xx

I am Alone

It’s not a bad thing that I am alone. I like being alone sometimes. It gives me time and space to think, to be selfish and enjoy the time to myself.

In real person, my friends would describe me as ‘out of control’, out-going, funny, smart-ass, troll. Being too honest can sometimes come across as being insensitive to people’s feelings.


I am enjoying a Saturday night at home, listening to music on my iPod, flicking through ‘Banksy Wall and Piece’ and reading inspirational quotes.  I find it uplifting and positive at a time that I need to remove myself from any negativity.

I found a piece in Banksy that reminded of my past relationship. It’s not easy and I know things like this will come up. However it’s all about how I deal with it in the present moment that is important.

I get needy for attention to try forget it, but on a Saturday night when everyone is doing their own thing – I find myself alone with me myself and I to deal with my own problems.

I jumped online to find a source of inspiration, quotes and things and found the feeling of loneliness begin to fade as I fill myself with the positives of being alone. I particularly like the quote about Vodka!

I have an inspirational quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that is framed up nicely in an IKEA picture frame. I really love it.


So life goes on. You can choose to be miserable about how sh!t everything is has been in the past and all the crap you have been through – or you can choose to surround yourself with happy thoughts, good friend and good experiences. Try all those things you always wanted to do. You are FREE.

I am thankful everyday for the friends and family I have in my life who love me for who I am.

Lil xx