Favorite Internet Kids

Since the ‘Charlie bit my finger’ kids or David after the dentist I haven’t noticed any crazy viral videos of funny kids until now.

These two are so adorable!!!

This kid is trying to make his case for a cupcake – “Linda Linda Linda – Listen Linda!”

These Korean parents are trying to teach their daughter how to say NO to strangers.


I Love Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day because makes people say and do funny things. There are the lovers, the haters and the ones who just simply don’t care about Valentine’s Day.


I fit into the ‘I don’t care’ category…It’s just another day of the year.
Besides – It’s not easy being a single female in Australia when we are currently experiencing a MAN DROUGHT!!!


If I took that article seriously, looks like I need to update my settings to younger men on my Tinder account, move to Perth or pack my bags and head to the Maldives.


I’ll confess that I actually use to buy Valentines day cards, however they always ended up in tears when the card was torn up in front of my face.

I must not have understood the concept of Valentine’s day and now I’ve just given up. *SIGH* LOL

Oh Ralph! I love that classic Simpsons episode.
And…to say that I love anybody more than my smart phone…well LOVE is a strong word! 😛

So…this is what I do now when I walk through the ‘Valentines Day’ section at the shops.vday17

Here’s some of my favorite dysfunctional and hilarious views on Valentine’s Day from a single persons point of view


And for those who are so in LOVE and insist on splashing out on Valentine’s Day, please have some self control! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! xoxo

Professional Troll


This is the virtual home of David Thorne. One of the great writers in the halls of fame in the world of internet trolls.

David first went viral with his internet spider story.

I love his style of writing because he just doesn’t take things that aren’t serious, seriously. (I think that sentence is not grammatically correct, but I do not care.)

I was in tears when I first read the spider story and it still really cracks me up today. I SRSly LOL’d.


His responses are blatantly sarcastic, witty and humorous. The perfect target are people do not have a sense of humour and get angry or upset over little petty things. (First World Problems)


I think the computer screen definitely provides a layer of protection, where people who would not normally make nasty or sarcastic comments in real like will feel confident doing it from the safety and comfort of their computer chair.

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I however, speak my mind if I really feel it’s worth saying something about it in real life. I am working on self control…but sometimes I just can’t help myself.


These are probably my favourite funny or sarcastic memes (pronounced meeeems, not Me – Mes) of the interwebs.

I think sometimes I think too much sarcasm can really come off as being mean and cruel. However, life is too short for first world problems. So if it helps you get through the day, go nuts.