Dick Smith Online – Sucks

There’s nothing more frustrating that getting online, trying to buy something that should take 2 seconds (or 2 minutes realistically) and then having it take over half an hour.

I constantly had problems with adding items to cart, and then it would refresh with multiple quantity of the product. It was just damn frustrating. You would think they would iron out these sort of problems in a testing environment or during off-peak hours. Not during the middle of the day.

First world problem, I know. Can you tell it’s past lunch time and I’m getting really HANGRY

And so onto Facebook goes my frustration with Dick Smith. LOL


Anyway, time to get lunch and pick up my Modem in store. Thanks Box Hill for the excellent customer service.

F U Glen Waverley for not picking up the phone, TWICE! WTFH! Lazy mofo.

Unnecessary stress. LOL.
I need Food.

Have a great day! Lil x