It’s that time of year – again.


Christmas time means lots of eating, holidays, family time and spending on the credit card.


It is “go-time” in retail marketing speak. Time to push product, sales, sales and more sales. I do enjoy shopping at this time of year, but I cannot stand the crowds of people. I would rather pay a little bit more for a product I like just so I can avoid the hordes.

I’ve done a lot of shopping…for myself. However not so much for my friends and family. I have a few things here and there, but our family is not that big on present giving. We tend to put more emphasis on spending quality family time and sharing good food together.

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Ok Well I’m getting really distracted. I’m procrastinating all over again. I do plan to do some work, sometime today.

I really love Spring / Summer in Melbourne because this is when the market stalls start popping up over the weekends. The last market I visited was the Coburg Night Market.

I have blogged about a friend of mine who operates her own business with her partner called Tread and Pedals. A small eco friendly business that up-cycles old bicycle parts. I also visited Em at the Coburg Night Market and bought a few desk clocks from her. I love that each and every product is unique.


I also found a beautiful range of local made candles by Marina, who runs Green Essence Candles. They smell divine and she did all the design and packaging for her candles. They are so beautiful!!! Excellent gift ideas and also very reasonably priced. I have to go back and get some more!

I love taking my time to cruise through a market and just soak in the chilled atmosphere and snack on gourmet foods. My credit card takes a bit of a beating, but it’s totally worth it!


Below is an Infograph about reasons to buy handmade.
Just find and replace the word America with Australia, and we’re all sweet. Buying from local craft markets also supports the Australian economy and helps put food on the table for those with families or just starving artists.

You should try it sometime 😉 Lil x



Linked In Updated.

Hello. I have just spent a few minutes updating my Linked-In profile. Please spend a few minutes checking me out. LOL.

I really do enjoy meeting new people and using Linked-In is a great way to network. I don’t use it very often and usually only login when the number of email updates piling up from Linked-In has finally started to annoy me.

Well, I have to sound some-what professional if I want to further my career in Marketing. For a little while, I was not sure if I was still passionate about marketing in general. However with a few opportunities and business ideas popping up, I have definitely decided Marketing is what I want to continue doing as a profession.

I definitely encourage everyone to follow their dreams. Step out of your comfort zone and push yourself to achieve something you’ve always wanted to do.

Success is waiting on the other side of fear.

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Good Luck!
Lil x