Food Adventures

Tomoshibi Japanese Restaurant – Middle Park

This dining experience is going back to December 2013. I don’t really make a big fuss over my birthday and I like it to be intimate with just a small handful of close friends.

I sometimes can be indecisive when it comes to picking places to eat. So I had a friend help me out when choosing a Japanese restaurant called Tomoshibi in Middle Park. It was another random find on Urbanspoon, which was quite well reviewed and didn’t disappoint me.

The restaurant was nice and intimate with traditional Japanese decor. I was typically running very late, so my friends had ordered some fried lotus roots to snack on while waiting for me. They were a bit disappointing because they were over-fried and too salty.


The other dishes however were very enjoyable. I liked how their menu offered something very different to what I have eaten in other Japanese restaurants in Melbourne.

I particularly enjoyed the scallop served with rice and a broth. It was so delicious.


Another dish I thought they did a little differently was seared tuna on rice. This was also very yummy.


Other dishes we had included Pan fried Gyoza, Mixed Platter of Sushi and Nigiri (Raw fish & rice) and a buckwheat soba noodle salad.

I had a great time with friends. Shared wonderful food and conversation. I thought Tomoshibi was quite an undiscovered little gem.

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Champion’s Bistro – 5 Course $50 Degustation

I was lucky enough to experience this amazing degustation last year in November 2013 and just never really got around to blogging about it. However dinner at Champion’s Bistro at Bowls Clayton was one of my most memorable meals.

As soon as the secret was exposed by an article published by that former Vue De Monde Chef, Clinton McIver was serving up 5 courses for just $50, my brother got straight on the phone and secured a table for our family.


Vue de Monde has an excellent reputation for fine dining and exceptional food, so it’s no wonder tables at the Champion’s Bistro filled up fast. There was soon no more space on the waiting list and the phone was probably going straight to voice-mail. So this would be my one and only chance to have such an unique dining experience.

It was nice that the tables were well spaced out, not over crowded. They definitely provided a professional service in a non-pretentious setting. Actually to be expecting fine dining at a local suburban bowls club does feel awkward, but I think when you become so excited about the food – it really doesn’t matter at all.

Initially they had intended to have an al-a-carte menu. However I believe due to all the exposure they received from the press at the time, a set degustation menu was probably much more manageable. It appeared that once you had booked the table, the table was yours for the night. No rush to have you in and out by any fixed time.


Unfortunately my photos do not really do the food justice. I’m a bit sad about that, but oh well here we go.

Slow roasted tomato with garlic ice-cream and sweet crispy pastry flakes.
The tomato was exceptionally sweet and the combination with the garlic ice-cream was amazing. Overall it was a more sweet than savory appetizer, however I was mind blown by how all the flavors worked well together.


Salt Cod, Potato, Broad beans.
The thing that was good about this dish is the flavour are rich and just the right proportions. Very easy to eat!


Victorian grass fed beef, smoked mulberry juice, caramelized onion puree and wild watercress.
Only the best and most tender cuts of beef. The smoked mulberry juice was AMAZING! wow. wow. wow.


Yes! TWO desserts!
Blueberries, Liqourice, Bronzed Fennel and yoghurt.
Lucky for me I love the flavours of Liquorice and Fennel, so this dessert was an absolute delight. The ‘furry’ looking things are Liquorice and the Fennel was caramelized making it sweet and crunchy.


Chocolate green pepper margarita.
This dessert really did pack-a-punch. A delicious chocolatey mousse complemented with a spicy citrus margarita, which gave your taste buds the hot, cold and sourish sensation. I suppose the experience is similar to eating chilly chocolate, but with a twist of course.


Bravo. Delicious!
Whilst this is a very unique dining experience, I am sure it has change the way a few things operate around at the local bowls club and hope they will continue to put up good, honest food.

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30 Mill Espresso

Tucked away in an area of Malvern that I didn’t know existed is a small cafe called 30 Mill Espresso.

30 Mill Espresso is located just outside Tooronga train station, or if you are driving, it’s very close to the M1 freeway Toorak Road exit.

I was with a friend for a quick brunch catch up and I found 30 Mill Espresso via a quick search of cafes in the area on Urbanspoon.

The menu was reasonably well priced and had a good selection of breakfast and lunch items. I chose to have a Chai Latte (as I am cutting own on coffee for 2014) and a Salmon Nicoise salad, which was refreshing on a hot summer day.

The deco is modern with a sailing, beach type theme. Just one of those nice little cafes that I imagine would be a local favourite coffee joint. My friend reassured me that the coffee was good there too!

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Coffee at Mr Tulk

Mr Tulk is located next to the State Library in the Melbourne CBD.

This food adventure is linked to a post I did back in December 2013 on a random day where Melbourne weather was trying to make its mind up and I invited a random elderly lady to have afternoon tea with me.


It’s probably because I decided to have two coffee’s for Mr Tulk that I was in an exceptionally good mood. The coffee is really good and they come in cool arty paper cups.

I love the design of the space that Mr Tulk has created for themselves there. They had a great selection of cakes and sandwiches too. Mr Tulk is really bustling with business, with staff rushing about in a fast paced environment and the coffee machine going non-stop.

Mr Tulk is one those trendy coffee joints that competes amongst the best places for coffee in Melbourne. I think you’ll definitely get a good buzz from coffee at Mr Tulk.

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Breakfast at Eeny Meeny

In Frankston there is this awesome little cafe I love to stop at called Eeny Meeny. They have a cool courtyard space out the back which is a great place to chill out.

I love visiting this place on my way down to the Mornington Peninsula. It’s great because there’s the hot springs during the cooler months and beach during summer when we are trying to escape the heat.

On this particular day I drove all the way down to Point Nepean. It was a beautiful day all to myself 🙂

This is what I ate. Dukkah spiced scrambled eggs. Yum.

The coffee is great here as well! YUM YUM YUM.

They have a great rating on Urbanspoon and they definitely put a lot of love into their food and stick to a simple menu that works.

Eeny Meeny on Urbanspoon

French Crepes for Breakfast

I’ve been to the Roule Galette a number of times. It’s a great French Crepe restaurant cafe just off Little Flinders st in the Melbourne CBD. I had the great pleasure to introducing a friend who is French to this little cafe and he really enjoyed it!

They have a great choice of sweet and savory crepes at very reasonable prices. The seating area is quite small and in general I would say not suited for large groups. Although I am sure when it is not busy they can make it happen.

For whatever reason I only took a photo of my drinks and not the crepe’s eaten on the day, however there are so many great photos on their Website, Facebook and Urbanspoon page!

So the Roule Galette definitely gets the thumbs up for being well received and up to the standards of the French people 😛

Roule Galette on Urbanspoon

Middle Brighton Baths

After a painful run down by the beach with a friend we decided to go to  Middle Brighton Baths restaurant for a bite. I was so frekin hungry, I didn’t even take a photo of my food. But I had the Chicken Burger with a Chilli coconut sauce. It was pretty gooood, especially after exercise.

We sat outside and soaked in the sun. It only got chilly when the clouds covered up the sun. As the day wore on, it got unbearable and I decided to get my Mocha to go.

I love coffee and I only need one a day to make me happy. The coffee here is really good. YUM!


It was an awesome Sunday. Couldn’t complain about it one bit. 🙂
Awesome weather, good company, exercise and good food and coffee. Perfect.

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